The hamlet

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 » Les Hameau de Buttaciolo  » have been built  with an environmental and wholesome concept.

Ideally located on the typical landscape of corsica, Villas have a beautiful view on the mountain of « Cagna »

The design was executed by favoring the visual integration in the  environment. The cladding in wood was treated in factory, of a lasure grey, aspect  » old-looking wood « .

Houses are implanted, with  swimming pool, on a 1500 m² ground with wide vegetated zones, protecting the intimacy. The orientations of  villas were optimized. The glazed openings maximize the contributions of heat and light the winter, hidten the summer by slatted sliding shutters, the effects of the sun are minimized for a better comfort.

Between sea and mountain, on this wonderful « Ile de Beauté, in family, between friends, in couple,  Enjoy you stau in this idyllic landscape at   » Les Hameaux de Buttaciolo »


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